Get to know CTO Bruce Wang

Brightergy Blog, September 2016

"Bruce Wang is unafraid to speak—though he may be afraid of heights. The Brightergy team is gathered on a college campus 30 minutes north of our downtown KC headquarters, where we’ve been split up into four groups for team-building challenges. I’m in the same group with Bruce, and we are standing a good 50 feet below the ropes course towers, watching our peers get fitted into harnesses and helmets. For most of us on the ground team, our last choice was climbing up the towers."

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Solar installation progress at UMass

Brightergy Blog, August 2016

"Everything about UMass Amherst is big. Their nearly 1,450-acre campus is home to 30,000 students during the school year (yeah, my college had just over 2,000 students). There are more than 7 million items in their library system and their research expenditures totaled $200 million last year. They’ve built 2.4 million gross square feet of new facilities in the last 10 years.

And now we’re building them New England’s largest campus solar-energy system, which just so happens to also be the largest project we’ve ever built."

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How to cut your energy bill like Google

by Rachel Simmons and Bruce Wang                                                                                               Brightergy Blog, August 2016

"Earlier this summer, my husband and I happened to catch “Sleepless in Seattle” on TV one night. Call me a 90’s girl, but I’m a sucker for a Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks love story and never fail to get drawn into one.

There’s a scene in the movie where Meg Ryan’s character, Annie — a reporter for the Baltimore Sun — uses her work database to track down Tom Hank’s Sam, an architect in Seattle whose son calls into a radio show because he wants his broken-hearted father to find a new wife.

Annie’s Microsoft-DOS program is basically text on a screen asking questions and searching as she types in her answers. She inputs a function and it performs the task she’s asking it to (which is basically, find out who this Sam guy is so she can learn what happened to his former wife and decide if it’s star-crossed love for them).

Our computer experience is worlds more sophisticated now, but behind the scenes, computers still pretty much do whatever we tell them to. They don’t think for themselves; they’re not capable of it.

Machine learning, however, is the science of getting computers to think for themselves — to take action without being explicitly programmed or told what to do. It involves building generic algorithms, feeding those algorithms with data, and then allowing the program to build its own logic based on that data."

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In Amazon's Cloud, a Roadmap for Energy's Future

by Rachel Simmons and Bruce Wang                                                                                               Brightergy Blog, July 2016

"Last month, registration opened for Amazon Web Services’s (AWS) re:Invent, billed as the largest gathering of the “global cloud computing community.” On the splashy conference website, video imagery zooms energetically through the Vegas skyline, through spinning DJ’s and confetti, and hotel ballrooms packed with people. It promises technical deep dives on topics like the Internet of Things, alongside “quirky after hours experiences” like a wing eating contest and a 5k. Passes for the week cost $1,600.

With our daily lives consumed by Netflix, Instagram, and Google Docs, you’d be excused for forgetting that merely a decade ago, there was no “global cloud computing community.” Though we’d come far in 2006 from the days when computers themselves filled entire rooms, our mounting mass of digital data and files had to be stored on expensive, physical servers — and the more files and storage needs you had, the more servers you needed, housed in warehouse-sized data centers built solely to keep and maintain them."

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"Just Get on Base": Why the Kansas City Royals should inspire your strategy for energy savings

Brightergy ebook, August 2015 (Concepted, wrote, and designed)

"Last fall, sports fans across the country watched the “team that could” do battle with teams who said we couldn’t. We hadn’t been to a World Series since 1985. We didn’t have the power hitters. We didn’t have the prestige. But in our hometown, we felt an entire city come together as our team played through. And now—at potentially 9 innings away from another World Series—a lot of hype and energy still surrounds that team."

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We Added a Solar Energy Installation to Our Own Roof (Finally!)

Brightergy Blog, July 2015 (Wrote and Photographed)

"For a company whose work is often invisible from the street, or to the average building inhabitant, it's pretty rewarding to be able to look down on our incredible, growing city and see the work we've built together."

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Trolley Run + Sustainability

Trolley Run Blog, January 2015

"It’s one of those incredible human moments where no matter who we are, we all share the same rushing emotion of one thing: accomplishment. Hard-earned, sweaty accomplishment. We brake to a stop, kneel over, out of breath, high-five with strangers, and let a smile wash over our faces. 

This is the feeling the teachers and staff of CCVI work round-the-clock to give the students—students who face greater hardships than so many of their peers, yet grow with leaps and bounds and confidence with each new accomplishment. 

It’s not always glamorous. But it’s always worth it. "

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Brad Pitt's Make It Right Comes to Kansas City

Brightergy Blog, November 2014 (Wrote and Photographed)

"The neighborhood is tucked away from the steady traffic of Troost beneath a leafy canopy that at this time of year filters clear autumn sunlight through brilliant orange and red and maroon. There are beautiful, even those that remain dilapidated, old homes: one- and two-story bungalows and Victorians with front porches and neighbors waving to each other and to visitors as they cross the street.

In the center of it all is the looming Bancroft School."

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Solar Installation Stories

Brightergy Blog, July 2013 (Wrote and Photographed)

"It's hot, and that's here down on the street. When we make the gradual climb up to the roof, I'm even more aware of the constant presence of the sun in the cloudless blue sky. " 

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Impulse, the Solar Plane, Heads for Charles Lindbergh's City

Brightergy Blog, May 2013

"He convinced nine St. Louis businessmen to finance the cost of the plane, built by Ryan Aeronautical Company of San Diego and designed in part by Lindbergh himself. And after Lindberg's first triumphant, successful transatlantic flight, multimillionaire Harry Guggenheim sponsored a cross-country tour of America. Lindbergh and the 'Spirit of St. Louis' touched down in 49 states, traveled to 92 cities, and rode 1,290 miles of sky."

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Make It Happen: Lessons Learned from the Clinton and Dorsey Families

Brightergy Blog, April 2013

"Tim is an engineer and by nature, a curious mind—as is his wife, Marcia. He's also the proud father of Jack Dorsey, the St. Louis boy who made it big as the co-founder of social media platform Twitter, then as the co-founder and CEO of mobile payment company Square." 

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Solar incentives create jobs, investment

Letter to the Editor, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, April 2013

"Incentives play an important role in creating these new jobs, ensuring U.S. global competitiveness, and lowering electricity costs for businesses and residents. As a stable, multiyear incentive, the ITC provides market certainty to companies like Brightergy, encouraging private-sector investment in both solar manufacturing and installation projects. All of this is good for our economy."


Spielberg sued over Rockwell / 'new' Titian

Circa Online, July 2007

"Imagine finding the work of an Old Master at an auction filled with paintings of dogs and country scenes, and you are one of two London dealers who knows."

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